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zp, 1 Le Quattro Stagioni - Ægte italiensk pizza siden 1995

Le Quattro Stagioni

The Four Seasons

Authentic Italian Pizza

Who we are

Le Quattro Stagioni is an authentic Italian pizzeria which opened in 1995 on Sølvgade in the heart of Østerbro. Since then we have expanded with two further pizzerias on Jagtvej and Nordre Fasanvej 

We offer our guests in Le Quattro Stagioni tasty pizzas, delicious pasta meals and fresh sandwiches

With more than 20 years of experience, we know precisely what it takes to bake a pizza, prepare a pasta meal or build a sandwich for our guests. A combination of fresh ingredients, proficient staff and last not least passion for our profession are our secret ingrediences.

All our pizza bakers behind the desk have several years of experience, which is mirrored in the way they work – each pizza is made with home-made tomato sauce inspired by traditional Neapolitan cuisine and fresh cheese and baked in the oven to produce the delicious, soft and wavy crust. You can also try our delicious pastas and salads as well as home-made sandwiches. We strive to give our customers a memorable experience.

We are looking forward to serve your next order.


• Call for ordering •

Mon - Fri


Sat - Sun


Call to order : 33141622

Pasta of the month

  • Cannelloni
  • med spinat og ricotta
  • i fløde og tomat sauce
  • 68,-

Pizza of the month

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